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Zot Media Inc. is back on track.

Hi there y’all.

Strange to say but this blog’s hits have continued to prosper (‘ish) even since ‘mothballing’ it. Curious indeed.

So it’s going to start up again as a focus for conservative views on international politics with a heart for suffering Christians throughout the world. So please start leaving comments again if you are so inclined, here we go………


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Rowan Lets the Real Devil off the Hook.

Never mind the ideological, political and physical assault on Christians all across the Middle East and Asia since the 1970s — fuelled by the rise of Wahhabist ideology. Never mind that Christian communities there have been in decline for at least a century. Rather like the Islamists, Dr Williams prefers to lay the blame for the deplorable condition of the Middle East’s Christians at the door of Great Satan and Little Satan. Short of blaming the Jews for the tsunami — as some Muslim radicals did in 2004 — the Archbishop did a wonderful job of letting the real sources of evil off the hook.

It is important the views of liberal on the causes of conflict in the Middle East are continually challenged. So all Credit to the times for voicing this opinion peice.

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The Archbishops get the Zot 2.

Christians in the Middle East are being put at unprecedented risk by the Government’s “shortsighted” and “ignorant” policy in Iraq, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, says today.

If only Rowan would preach the Gospel. We need the gospel more than ever now. He is convinced appeasement will quieten Islam. For a while maybe, but not for long. He places much too much hope in the abilty of reason to solve world problems and doesn’t understand how his actions are percieved as weakness by Islamists.

I pray for my brothers in the middle east and all over the world where they are persecuted for the sake of Christ. Pray that they may endure and even count it all joy. Those words are not written lightly.

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