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Gordon Brown: “the most cowardly man in Europe”

Well I don’t know if he is or if he isn’t the biggest coward in Europe but Brown deservedthe jibe by Geert Wilders as he was escorted from Heathrow back onto a plane to Holland having been refused entry by our Great Leaders. Now there is a diplomatic row brewing through insulting Holland where Geert is a sitting M.P.

A bad day for freedom of speech, our rights are now firmly exercised only with Islam’s permission.

Dhimmitude here we come.

The only enjoyable thing was watching Lord Ahmed’s increasingly unhinged logic in the T.V. debate with UKIP’s Lord Pearson on Sky News.

All in all a good day for Islam.


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Geert Wilders – will he, won’t he get into the UK?

A Dutch MP who called the Koran a “fascist book” says he still plans to travel to the UK despite being banned on public security grounds. Freedom Party MP Geert Wilders was invited to show his controversial film – which links the Islamic holy book to terrorism – in the UK’s House of Lords. But Mr Wilders, who faces trial in his own country for inciting hatred, has been denied entry by the Home Office.

He plans to fly into Heathrow later, saying: “Let’s see what happens.” ‘Offensive’ Mr Wilders’ film Fitna caused outrage across the Muslim world when it was posted on the internet last year.”

Is the Koran a facist book? I don’t know. Never read it. Have no intention of doin’ so…. but this I do know, many grotesque and bloody mass murders have been justified by quoting it.

We have internalized the Fatwa against Salmon Rushdie, but unlike him we have become effective Dhimmi’s to Islamic authority.

This ban is just the latest in a long line of capitulation.

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Rowan Lets the Real Devil off the Hook.

Never mind the ideological, political and physical assault on Christians all across the Middle East and Asia since the 1970s — fuelled by the rise of Wahhabist ideology. Never mind that Christian communities there have been in decline for at least a century. Rather like the Islamists, Dr Williams prefers to lay the blame for the deplorable condition of the Middle East’s Christians at the door of Great Satan and Little Satan. Short of blaming the Jews for the tsunami — as some Muslim radicals did in 2004 — the Archbishop did a wonderful job of letting the real sources of evil off the hook.

It is important the views of liberal on the causes of conflict in the Middle East are continually challenged. So all Credit to the times for voicing this opinion peice.

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The Archbishops get the Zot 2.

Christians in the Middle East are being put at unprecedented risk by the Government’s “shortsighted” and “ignorant” policy in Iraq, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, says today.

If only Rowan would preach the Gospel. We need the gospel more than ever now. He is convinced appeasement will quieten Islam. For a while maybe, but not for long. He places much too much hope in the abilty of reason to solve world problems and doesn’t understand how his actions are percieved as weakness by Islamists.

I pray for my brothers in the middle east and all over the world where they are persecuted for the sake of Christ. Pray that they may endure and even count it all joy. Those words are not written lightly.

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Mo’s Name More Popular Than George in UK!

Mohammed, and its most common alternative spelling Muhammad, are now more popular babies’ names in England and Wales than George, reflecting the diverse ethnic mix of the population.

The Office for National Statistics said there were 2,833 baby boys called Mohammed in 2006.

The name is 22nd in the list of most popular boys’ names, moving up a place from last year.

Spelled Muhammad, it is the 44th most popular name and enters the top 50 for the first time along with Noah, Oscar, Lucas and Rhys.

There were 2,833 babies called Mohammed born in 2006 and 1,422 called Muhammad. The total exceeds the number of Georges (3,386) or Josephs (3,755).

The Source: Daily Telegraph UK.

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